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amoCourse is a component that helps publishing and managing various kinds of courses or classes (cooking, dancing, swimming, ...). It is as simple as flexible and supports any kind of registration forms as you need.

Key Features

  • Flexibel creation of registration forms, confirmation pages and confirmation mails.
  • Nested categories with possibilities to inherit or overwrite params per category so you can organize your courses as you want.
  • Special fields for price, teacher, location and maximum seats on course.
  • Ability to join any defined registration form and confirmation template to nested categories or directly to a single course.
  • Possibility to archive a course with all joined registrations. So you don't have to delete it.
  • Every registration will automatically be saved in the database for later usage.
  • Possibility to print a list of registrations for one course.
  • Definition of "ticket numbers to buy" field in registration form, wich will be used to calculate the used / free places
  • Integration of content plugins in category description.
  • Integration of Joomla! captcha features into registration form to block spam.
  • Advanced integration of Joomla! access levels to permit or deny access to parts of amoCourse backend (ACL per Category possible).
  • Integration of Joomla! language features to set language of categories. So you can use amoCourse on multilanguage websites.
  • Definition of field layouts (e.g. for price or date fields, or combination of start and end date, ...).
  • Additional mail receipients per category to send registrations to the course manager and/or teacher.

 System Requirements

  • PHP Version 5.2 or higher
  • MYSQLi Database type (changeable in Joomla global configuration)
  • MySQL Version 5.0.41 or newer



  • Category ListCategory List
  • Category List - slider openedCategory List - slider opened
  • Course detailsCourse details
  • Confirmation pageConfirmation page


  • DashboardDashboard
  • General SettingsGeneral Settings
  • Layout SettingsLayout Settings
  • Field stylesField styles
  • Mail settingsMail settings
  • PermissionsPermissions

Live Demonstration

You can try out amoCourse 2 on our special demo site here.


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